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Second Capitol Siege Warning…Should We Be Terrified?

12:33 pm on March 4, 2021

The Maoist Red Guards of the American Marxist Left

I speak of course of the Soviet Poverty Lie Center (SPLC), known to some as the “Southern Poverty Law Center.  It is the most intolerant, Stalinist, totalitarian organization in America and has been for a long, long time, issuing ritualistic defamations of conservatives and libertarians who succeed in effectively challenging their far-Left Marxist propaganda.

The SPLC is currently spearheading the trashing of Dr. Seuss books (which were very heavily promoted by the Obamas, among many others), claiming that they are . . . . . . . . . wait for it, wait for it . . . . . . . . . . racist!!!

In order to smear Dr. Seuss, however, the SPLC has to reinvent the word “racist.”  They admit that the books promote “acceptance” and race neutrality, the ideals of Martin Luther King, Jr. and his famous dictum that people should be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.  This, the SPLC now claims, is RACIST.  And they have been involved in teaching this rotten, totalitarian, lying propaganda to American school children through its laughingly Orwellian program on “Teaching Tolerance.”

The Marxist idologues who run the SPLC (and who have always run it) are attacking the Martin Luther King, Jr. philsophy because, they say, it teaches children to be accepting of people of all races and to be “race neutral.”  That will not do, they say; in order to compensate for America’s past sins, we must demonize all white people and instigate a race war. Moreover, it is acceptable for black people to hate white people because they are white and for no other reason, says the SPLC, which claims to be the nation’s preeminent monitor of “hate groups.”

The demonization with hate speech (and worse) of ALL white people  (except for their white Marxist comrades), the incitement of a race war, and demands for all kinds of “reparations” is what they call “equity and inclusion.”  It is what they are teaching children in hundreds of schools with their phony baloney “teaching tolerance curriculum.”


11:57 am on March 4, 2021

Final Words

Not that it really matters let me say just a few words (for the record) concerning Senator Mark Hatfield who “anarcho-capitalist” Murray Rothbard said he would enthusiastically endorse for president if he ever chose to run.

When I was a college student at the University of Tulsa (from 1972-75) I spent a great deal of time in the TU Library doing research for classes but also doing my own personal research. One day I came across a periodical/report from some outfit, the name escapes me after almost 50 years. In this item it profiled members of Congress, having the people present their political philosophies, motivations, and beliefs in their own words.

The one for Senator Mark Hatfield of Oregon was unlike anything you would ever expect to read. It was not the usual BS or pabulum, but one of the most intelligent, thoughtful statements of his personal beliefs. Hatfield was an evangelical who traced his firm beliefs directly to his religious faith, that of the individualistic anti-statist strain of Baptists such as Roger Williams, who he saw in the American classical liberal/libertarian tradition in opposing government and ecclesiastical tyranny, defending individual liberty, especially liberty of conscience.

He went on for several pages outlining in powerful lucid passages I thought at the time were comparable to something Murray Rothbard would have written.

Hatfield had made some praiseworthy public remarks concerning Rothbard’s book, Power and Market, which outlines the case for the total absence of government intervention of any sort in the economy. This from a United States Senator.

Rothbard met with him in the Summer of 1969. Hatfield called himself a libertarian and stated he wanted to work championing this philosophy which he saw as totally consistent with and derived from his deep faith. No wonder Rothbard was enthusiastic about the guy.

In a later 1972 interview Rothbard talks about Hatfield, about what he said at that 1969 meeting, and how he was great on foreign policy issues but that his voting record was not totally consistent to his earlier remarks (or I might add, to his principles stated in the profile I described above). In other words, the guy was human and not perfect. But he was singularly exceptional for that day and could have easily been included in an updated reissue of JFK’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book, Profiles in Courage, about such American statesmen.

Neither is Governor Kristi Noem perfect but compared to the other current egregious crop of statist governors and other politicians devoid of principles and only motivated by “libido dominandi,” an unabashed hubris and aggrandizement of power, she is refreshing and candid.

We must always look at the long term perspective of history and civilizational progress, particularly noting that pantheon of courageous individuals who spoke truth to power. For freedom remains the genius of American civilization. Other great nations were born in obeisance to the power of the state. Ours was born with the Declaration of Independence and the enshrining of the inalienable natural rights of man. Tragically the Framers’ vision of a decentralized federal republic of sovereign independent states would meet its final demise at Appomattox Court House during Abraham Lincoln’s Coercive War for National Unification.

Yet at LRC, Ron Paul’s daily message to each of us is powerful testimony to that enduring legacy, demonstrating that freedom can indeed bring us together. It remains our answer and our hope. Dr. Paul demonstrates how he has always been singularly dedicated to the principles of liberty and justice. Daily he forthrightly speaks truth to power, exposing those dark subterranean forces which actually control the destiny of America, sinister forces which observers across the political spectrum today describe as the deep state. Candor, courage, consistency, and compassion define this man who will go down in the annals of history as America’s greatest statesman (.pdf)

For twenty years Lew Rockwell has been a daily inspiration and profound mentor to me with his heroic activities at the Mises Institute and But I must sadly (and with some regret) bring a major facet of our relationship to a close. It is something I have been contemplating for some time now. I recently had breakfast with a long time close friend and it was refreshing that we neither discussed current events, politics or other contentious matters. The recent unmerited attacks on me at LRC by Becky Akers was the final nail in the coffin. There is too much rancor and ill spirited division going on right now everywhere so I am going to retreat serenely into political quietism, take a sabbatical, enjoy my retirement, reading and reflection, and spending time with my family. So after 2000+ articles and blogs I am accordingly going to cease my writing contributions at LRC.

As Voltaire said in the dramatic conclusion of Candide:

“Let us cultivate our garden.”

Or as one of my favorite authors, Albert Jay Nock observed in a powerful passage I first read about fifty years ago (and which I never forgot):

“The only thing that the psychically-human being can do to improve society is to present society with one improved unit.”

I am going to focus upon that from now on.

11:20 am on March 4, 2021

Chuck the Statist

Unfortunately, Charles Burris misinterpreted my call for adherence to the principles of liberty rather than to enthusiasm for particular rulers as an ad hominem assault. He then responded in kind. Perhaps I didn’t articulate my point clearly enough—but many of you did when responding to our blogs. Ergo, I’ll let LRC’s talented readers explain why lovers of liberty never trust politicians, no matter how “fresh” and pretty they may appear.

Lee Olson observes,

I see Charles has chosen to attack your blog post. I’m sending this message to you for the purpose of asking that you stand by your post. Why? Because it’s spot on. We don’t need to be ruled. That’s violates our Creator endowed birthright of sovereignty. How does it do that? The ruling class usurps our sovereignty for itself, at gunpoint I might add, and then tells us what we can and cannot do or say. 

Another gentleman appreciates

your biblical and constitutional response to the Kristi Noem cult.  

It is impossible for those of an other-than-biblical approach to life to understand the biblical position. (1 Corinthians 1 – 2)  

The reference to Senator Hatfield, friend of Robert Byrd and Ted Kennedy, makes your point very well.

Indeed. This extended review of the late Senator’s “achievements” illustrates Lord Acton’s observation on power and corruption. Meanwhile, Senator Hatfield’s son, Mark, has “held senior management positions with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security from 2002 to 2015, most recently serving as Deputy Administrator of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)…”

Of course, fathers aren’t responsible for their children’s crimes. But what of the senior Hatfield’s influence on that Marxist dystopia of Oregon? I’m not sure it’s fair to blame him entirely for the state’s lurch to the left; on the other hand, “No one has had a more profound impact on Oregon in the last half century than Mark Hatfield,” said a dude who should know, then-Governor John Kitzhaber. He added that the state “will forever bear the imprint of his caring and his commitment.” Which implies that we can lay the current mess in Portland at Hatfield’s door.

Between that and his wayward son, this pol’s struck out twice.

Back to our correspondent:

I watched as much of Kristi Noem’s CPAC speech as I could handle (not very much).  She is very problematic for conservative Christians for many reasons, including Isaiah 3:12.  

One other thing.  My beloved grandmother, a bitter non-Christian by all indications, however, I believe, possessing experiential wisdom that comes with many years of life on earth, taught me never to trust female politicians.  She used to say, “Where is her husband?”  

I couldn’t agree more. And I say that as a woman, in case you didn’t know.

That is not to say that we should trust male politicians like Mark Hatfield.  

Amen and amen!

Mark Carroll is disappointed I didn’t continue listing Noem’s evils:

You stopped too soon. Noem was also complimentary of Reagan, who was the phoniest conservative of all. A socialist masquerading as a conservative; doing what he had done for years – just getting paid by Washington instead of Hollywood.

David considers my “criticism of this woman” “appropriate” and adds,

she also openly said that the people of S.D. had made a huge mistake in voting to fully legalize cannabis in the state in Nov.  She had her team argued (successfully) before the state supreme court that the initiative violated the state constitution.  Meanwhile medical cannabis passed as well (and was allowed), but she clearly does NOT support freedom in S.D.  Just another statist POS.

Mr. Anonymous writes,

I’m with you. EVERY politician is suspect. Noem stands out merely because she diverges gently from the stupendous psychopathy of most of her fellow governors. This doesn’t make her the last hope of mankind. Though we all at times hunger for a glimpse of an earthly savior. She’s certainly no Ron Paul. Solutions to our problems must come from US as individuals in small groups.

Hear, hear! This idea is central to our belief in freedom. 

Solutions will never be donated to us by political “leaders”. The very aspiration to the office of the unduly powerful presidency is itself an indication of ill intent.

Our forbears in the 18th century understood that truth; it’s a warning we must resurrect. Any man craving to rule others proves he’s unfitted to the task by that very lust.

Mr. Anonymous II laments, 

that many libertarians are deluded by the rhetoric and guile of Republican politicians.  It is a wonder how many times they can expend their energy in praise of the appealing, charismatic, and often stunningly attractive candidates for office, ignoring the track records of other clones who have gone before.  Befuddling and counterproductive to the destruction of the state.  Do they not see Nixon’s quick turnaround to initiate numerous state spending projects – including an executive order for the EPA ?  How about Bush I’s “no new taxes ?  Or Reagan’s aggressive use of asset forfeiture, or his idiotic war on Grenada ? Or Bush II’s wars in the middle east ?  Or Trump’s promises to end the Afghan and Iraq Occupations, or his reluctance to stop any of the Covid nonsense (which started under his watch !) keeping Dr Fauci employed the entire time. And these are only a few examples of the constant despotism during the terms of office.   It could almost make one wax nostalgic about the Clinton administration, where state spending was actually less in real terms than in most of these Republican administrations.   And then they appeal to the authority of economists who have gone before, such as Friedman and Rothbard, in endorsing a Republican for President, making the same mistake those economists made in ignoring the clone-like behavior of Republicans once in office.  They are seeking the lesser of two evils when they wind up getting the evil of two lessers.  And that is inevitable until the state tree is destroyed by trunk, branch and root. 

And R R Schoettker rounds out our unflattering picture of Hatfield:

I concur with your judgement in this regard and as the following comments (extracted from Wikipedia) on the squeaky-clean “Saint Mark” reveal, even Rothbard’s ‘faith’ in politicians was misplaced. Being the least wicked among a group of the totally evil is nothing any person should be admired for!

In 1991, it was also revealed that Hatfield had failed to report a number of expensive gifts from the president of the University of South Carolina, James B. Holderman. Again, he apologized. But the Senate’s Ethics Committee rebuked Hatfield for the latter act. Hatfield received another rebuke from the Senate after the Ethics Committee investigated two gifts that he had received in the form of forgiven loans from a former congressman and a California businessman. During his tenure he gained billions of dollars in the form of federal appropriations for projects in Oregon.”

As you said…….“At day’s end, she is still a politician who favors many ‘initiatives’ that are never any business of Leviathan’s.” Keep calling these ‘rulers’ out!

I will. That’s why I’ve belabored this topic despite the good news from Texas and New York (where the execrable Cuomo is going down!!!). Nor do I wish to pick on Hatfield, Noem or even Charles Burris; any politician by the nature of politics cannot withstand scrutiny. Believing one extraordinary man can rise above the filth of his profession is as silly as believing an abortionist can be a decent person.

Let none of us ever forget that it is liberty—not a person and especially not a politician—for which we’re fighting. 

1:50 pm on March 3, 2021

Craven Cowardly Cretins

1:00 pm on March 3, 2021

Texas Lockdown Lifted: Tyranny Is Contagious…But So Is Liberty!

12:31 pm on March 3, 2021

JP Sears: Woke Anti-Racism Training and Gov Funded Transgender Surgery for Kids?! – A Week In News

10:24 pm on March 2, 2021

Glenn Greenwald: Biden’s Protection of Murderous Saudi Despots Shows the Hidden Reality of U.S. Foreign Policy

Biden’s Protection of Murderous Saudi Despots Shows the Hidden Reality of U.S. Foreign Policy, by Glenn Greenwald (article below)

That the U.S. opposes tyranny is a glaring myth. Yet it is not only believed but often used to justify wars, bombing campaigns, sanctions, and protracted conflict.


5:57 pm on March 2, 2021

Black Power, White Backlash

This 1966 CBS News documentary (with correspondent Mike Wallace — father of Fox News correspondent Chris Wallace) examines shifting attitudes among both African Americans and whites on the pace and strategies of the black nationalist struggle. It prominently features the incendiary Black Power agitator, Marxist Stokley Carmichael, predecessor of the contemporary Black Lives Matter insurgency, and contrasts his militancy with that of non-violent resistance fostered by Dr. Martin Luther King. This historic program is really interesting and captures the sentiment on both sides of the racial issue and perhaps most importantly, the demographic stratification of voter opinion very well. It brings to mind how white, communist-dominated labour unions were the political force driving the institution of apartheid in South Africa.

4:56 pm on March 2, 2021

The Teenage Suicide Rate is about to Take a Nosedive . . .

. . . along with the poverty rate, the clinical depression rate, alcoholism, and drug overdoses in Texas and Mississippi.

4:48 pm on March 2, 2021

“FBI” means . . .

. . . “KGB” in Russian.

3:30 pm on March 2, 2021

Orwell Shrugged

The Nazis and the Communists were iconoclasts.

They tore down historical statues that offended them, using a narrative of oppression as a justification.  They changed the names of streets and cities and nations to sever themselves from history because they feared history as it is – which did not suit their narrative.  This iconoclasm was also imbedded into their books and the education of their children – who were encouraged to express hatred for those who held to a different historiography.

As Mises pointed out in 1922 – and as subsequent history has borne out – those who embrace economic egalitarianism and interventionism cannot build. They can only destroy.

Instead of repairing the decrepit roads in New Orleans, the impotent and ignorant city government renames them.
This is why our culture doesn’t produce cathedrals and frescoes and Bach, but rather ugly box buildings, piles of painted bicycles, and Cardi B.

And, of course, denuded pedestals.

May be an image of outdoors and text that says '"One could not learn history from architecture any more than one could learn it from books. Statues, inscriptions, memorial stones, the names of streets- anything that might throw light upon the past had been systematically altered.' George Orwell, 1984'ss

1:56 pm on March 2, 2021

From Taiwan To Iran, US Aggression Overtakes Biden’s Promises

12:43 pm on March 2, 2021

re: Happy Birthday Murray!

David, I thought I’d throw out a recommendation for newer readers who may not be as familiar with Murray Rothbard as we are.  Here’s his classic essay, “Anatomy of the State.”  Also for the newcomers, volumes of Murray’s writings are at and of course on this Web site.

10:50 am on March 2, 2021

Senile Joe’s State-of-the-Union Address

It is traditional for American presidents to give a state-of-the-union address to Congress every February.  February has now passed, so this will have to do as angry, confused, Senile Joe’s attempt at it.  The 80-million-vote man at his best (for what that’s worth).

10:03 am on March 2, 2021

Happy Birthday Murray!

Today would have been Murray Rothbard’s ninety-fifth birthday. He was an unforgettable friend, whose immense knowledge of many different fields was unsurpassed in my experience. In a lecture on the Austrian theory of the business cycle, he mentioned the common objection that the expansion of bank credit might have no effect if investors anticipated trouble. After the lecture, I asked whether Mises had answered this point. He said, “See his response to Lachmann in Economica 1943.” I often went to used bookstores with him, in both Palo Alto and Manhattan, and listened to him as he commented on nearly every book on the shelves. When he was a student at Columbia, he admired the philosopher Ernest Nagel, who he said would always encourage students to do new work. Murray was like this himself. He constantly encouraged students to work on Austrian and libertarian topics.  As I think about him today, another story comes to mind. He would stay up very late and also get up late. Once at a conference,  I stayed up until 1;30 in the morning, listening to him talk to a group of people. When I told him I had to leave, he said, “The night is still young!” His support for me was never failing, and I owe him everything. If only he were still here now, to guide and instruct us!

8:55 am on March 2, 2021

Christians Cave to Culture War

Bethany Christian Services, the country’s largest Protestant adoption and foster care agency, will begin placing children with LGBTQ couples to avoid running afoul of anti-discrimination laws. Hard to give up that taxpayer funding, isn’t it? There is nothing Christian anymore about Bethany Christian Services.

8:26 am on March 2, 2021

The Big No No

Becky, evidently in your eyes I have committed the Big No No, the unpardonable and irredeemable sin for an anarcho-capitalist.  I spoke in glowing praise and admiration of a politician, even stated I looked forward to seeing this person possibly becoming president some day.  To this I plead guilty. Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa. So in this ignominious day of cancel culture and casting transgressors down the Orwellian Memory Hole, I eagerly await my dastardly fate. Whatever the high pooh bah tribunal of politically correct libertarian rectitude and stentorian virtue decides will be my fate, I am proud that I will be joined in that Hellish punishment by an old compatriot and colleague. Perhaps you have heard of this minor obscure personage who also labeled himself an “anarcho-capitalist?” This little guy authored over twenty five books and thousands of academic journal articles and pieces for the popular press in his lifetime on topics related to this subject. Including this one. 

Here is the closing heretical paragraph from this outcast thrown to the outer darkness for committing the same transgression as I have been charged :

I know, I know; I know all about the cries of protest that will now be welling up in scores of libertarian hearts, those hearts which, like mine, aye steeped in innate and instinctive distrust for any and every politician. The remarkable thing is that Mark Hatfield himself understands such distrust just as well, and probably shares it. A while ago he told a group of us, spontaneously bringing up the point himself: “I have not, like Faust, sold my soul to politics.” I believe him. And if the time should ever come when Mark Hatfield runs for the Presidency, I shall enlist without hesitation behind his banner.

That guy I have been describing above was one Murray N. Rothbard. Ever heard of him?

I can well remember going to see Senator Mark Hatfield speak on the campus of Oral Roberts University, the buckle on the evangelical Bible Belt. As an off-campus covert interloper from the University of Tulsa, I was bedecked in bell bottomed jeans and shoulder-length hair, not the standard attire of an ORU clean-cut Christian clone. After the senator delivered his powerful remarks I stood in the line of persons seeking to ask him questions. When my turn arrived, suddenly the Q&A period ended. Undaunted, I approached Hatfield, who was now surrounded by fawning admirers and showed him this issue of Murray N. Rothbard’s Libertarian Forum. Hatfield’s eyes suddenly lit up and glowed, and he began to treat me as his long lost prodigal son (to the bewilderment and dismay of the ORU crowd). For that brief moment we shared something really special which I will never forget.

10:32 pm on March 1, 2021

Better Not To Be Ruled

My favorite T-shirt features drawings of muskets from the American Revolution with the legend, “I am descended from men who would not be ruled.”

Alas, men—even anarcho-capitalists—now not only want to be ruled, they wax enthusiastic about their rulers. Kristi Noem, governor of South Dakota, may be the least offensive of the current crop of sociopaths tyrannizing Americans, but that’s a nauseatingly low bar. At day’s end, she is still a politician who favors many “initiatives” that are never any business of Leviathan’s. For example, 

I tasked the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) with spearheading this broadband challenge. I’m grateful for the partnership of the Legislature as we approved $5 million in grant money to launch our broadband development program, Connect South Dakota. And I’m proud of the private-public partnerships [sic for “fascism”] that were forged throughout this process.

Then there’s this:

One of my priorities is to aggressively battle the meth epidemic to create a stronger South Dakota for the next generation.

And this:

As I travel the state, I repeatedly hear from folks that we need more mental health services in our schools. This year, I worked with the legislature to expand the number of System Care Coordinators. These professionals will work with our school systems to identify youth at risk for mental health crisis and connect families to needed services to prevent more costly interventions in the future.

I could continue, but you see my point.

Ms. Noem may indeed seem to have “it all — poise, intelligence, vision, strict Conservative values, integrity, bravery and so much more.”

And that “so much more” should bother all friends of freedom.

7:01 pm on March 1, 2021

No Passenger’s “Misplaced” Gun Has Ever Killed Anyone, Unlike Those of Our Rulers

Question For Karen inspired TimmyTaes to forward Wikipedia’s entry on “another careless Federal employee and his gun”:

Shooting of Kate Steinle

The gun used in the shooting was confirmed by forensic crime laboratory technicians to be the same one stolen from a federal agent’s car. The .40-caliber handgun had been taken from a U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) ranger’s car that was parked in downtown San Francisco, on June 27, 2015. The ranger, John Woychowski, was in San Francisco for an official government business trip. He testified at trial that he had left the weapon holstered and unsecured in a backpack under the front seat of his personal vehicle while he went to dinner with his family. Woychowski immediately reported the theft to San Francisco police, as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation‘s National Crime Information Center. Police issued a citywide crime alert but did not call in CSI technicians to examine the scene.

Ballistics experts for both the prosecution and defense agreed with the investigators finding that, after García Zárate fired the gun, the bullet ricocheted off the pavement 12–15 feet (3.7–4.6 m) away from him before traveling another 78 feet (24 m) and striking Steinle.

 Tim adds: 

What the Wiki article doesn’t mention is that Ranger John Woychowski kept a round in the firing chamber of his gun while he drove up to SF with his family. It also doesn’t mention that San Francisco is the car break in capital of the USA if not the world and hence Ranger Woychowski is a complete … idiot to leave a loaded unsecured gun in a car in SF.

I don’t think anything came of the family’s lawsuit against the BLM.

6:08 pm on March 1, 2021

Will Biden’s Syria Attack Help ISIS?

12:41 pm on March 1, 2021

UK Agrees To Call Pregnant Women Mothers

Government in the UK Agrees to Call Pregnant Women Mothers.

So would this allow the use of the term “Mary the Mother of God” (Jesus) to remain in the Books (Bible)?

The destruction or evisceration of  language to eliminate all reference to gender, gender differences or biological distinctions, terms related to the basic unit of human kinship such as family, mother. father, son, daughter, sibling, etc. —  is an incredible absurdity.  And this incredible absurdity has got to stop.

Destroy language, you destroy conceptual (pun intended) thought, and you destroy civilization.

9:12 am on March 1, 2021

Denver in Decay — The End of San Francisco — Seattle is Dying

12:00 am on March 1, 2021

“Just a Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go Down”

Germany’s Luftwaffe Master Interrogator that Inspired U.S. Interrogation Techniques

11:33 pm on February 28, 2021

Question For Karen

In Yo, Karen: YOU’RE a “Careless Mistake,” one of the TSA’s insufferable shrews scolds passengers, If you own a firearm, you need to know where it is at all times…”

Steve Stanek responds to this harangue by asking,

… if that applies to air marshals and FBI agents and other “law enforcers” who leave their firearms lying around for anyone to find. For instance:

 In a restroom at the Denver airport; 

 In a restroom at the Houston airport; 

 In a restroom in a California restaurant;

 In a restroom in a Grand Rapids bar; 

 In a restroom at the Newark airport. 

 Steve concludes,

What stands out to me is the hypocrisy. These agents of the government seem not to lose their jobs or get arrested or heavily fined for leaving their firearms lying around for anyone to walk off with, yet they don’t hesitate to punish others.

Leviathan is nothing if not a master of double standards.

8:45 pm on February 27, 2021

If This Isn’t a Presidential Speech, I Don’t Know What Is

She has it all — poise, intelligence, vision, strict Conservative values, integrity, bravery and so much more.

Wow!! I hope to see a President Kristi Noem one day.

6:04 pm on February 27, 2021

Yo, Karen: YOU’RE a “Careless Mistake”

Bureaucrats of any stripe are despicable slime that ought to be tarred and feathered and confined to their own island, where they can harass each other until they’ve all committed suicide. But the absolute lowest of these lice wears the blue shirts and gloves of the Thieves and Sexual Assailants that infest Amerikan airports.

Some poor woman in Pennsylvania did what thousands of travelers do every year: she forgot to remove the gun in her purse before rushing to make a flight. Listen to the unspeakably smug crowing from one of the TSA’s sociopaths:

This traveler’s forgetfulness was a careless mistake that will hit her wallet because, like everyone who brings a gun to the checkpoint, she now faces a stiff federal financial civil penalty that could cost her thousands of dollars,” said Karen Keys-Turner, TSA’s federal security director for Pittsburgh International.

How handy! The Feds can recoup from unwary passengers some of the plunder their absurd COVIDCon cost them: 

Federal civil fines can start at $4,100 and reach as high as more than $13,000 depending on the circumstances.

What infuriating corruption! 

Nor was ol’ Karen—was ever a nag more aptly named?—done:

If you own a firearm, you need to know where it is at all times,” she said. … “It’s inexcusable to bring a gun to a checkpoint.”

What’s inexcusable is that this two-bit bloodsucker lectures her betters. What’s even more inexcusable is that we haven’t risen en masse to rid ourselves of these mini-Stalins.

5:04 pm on February 27, 2021

What Most ‘Experts’ Aren’t Telling You During Black History Month

Biden Diversity Strikes Syria

It’s progressive when Joe does it.

12:13 pm on February 27, 2021

One Hazard of Fascism

Mr. Anonymous has recently begun new employment; he writes,

WalMart takes itself waaaaaaaaay too seriously.

I have to take WalMart training for this … job (b/c Walmart contracted with a third party company to provide the service).

Hmmm. Wonder if they’re teaching him how to greet shoppers.

The first module was about using a cleaner.

Guess not.

They actually tell you to turn the nozzle so the spray will come out.

The exhaustive, detailed minutia is just mind-numbing.

These people think like bureaucrats.  No wonder they are joined hip to hip with the federal government.  They complement each other very well.

11:46 am on February 27, 2021