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The First Day of “The Worst Week in American History”

The surgeon general — the guy who wears that funny looking Captain Kangaroo-style “uniform” during press conferences from the CDC — was all over the news over the weekend predicting that this week will be like a combination of Pearl Harbor and 9/11.  The worst day of many Americans’ lives, said the captain (er, I mean, the “general”).

I haven’t spotted any Japanese bombers or mad terrorists at all here in South Florida.  More people (Mencken called them “Boobus Americanus”) seem to be wearing masks at the grocery store and even while driving alone in their cars, and a few more ninety-year-olds in nursing homes with cancer/heart disease/lung disease/diabetes/tuberculosis reportedly passed away from “the coronavirus,” but other than that it’s been all quiet on the Western front.  Even the governor of New York said the number of coronavirus deaths there declined.

Who do you believe, the CDC “models” or your own lyin’ eyes?


9:26 pm on April 6, 2020

Regarding Closed Churches, Pastor Josh Hurley Asks, “Remember?”

Remember that time Daniel was told not to pray: His friends told him it would be dangerous to keep praying and he was supposed to respect the king. So, instead he compromised and went into his inner closet to pray?

Remember that time Esther had the opportunity to save her entire people but Mordechai reminded her that it would be disrespectful to the king and would be dangerous to even try, so instead she went and locked herself in her room and just asked God to go speak to the king?

Remember that time Shadraq, Meshaq, and Abednego were told they had to bow to the king and when they realized how disrespectful and dangerous it would be not to, they decided to just bow and pray together later in private?

Remember when Daniel was told he had to eat the King’s meat in violation of his faith and his friends told him to quit being a troublemaker and to save his life to fight later so he did?

Remember how the disciples were whipped and told by the authorities to quit talking about Jesus in public so they went back to fishing and tax collecting, trusting that God was sovereign and must be working in another way?

Remember when Abraham was going up the mountain with his son to sacrifice him when he realized how stupid and unwise it all was and was home by dinner?

Remember when they arrested Paul and were beating him and he thought, “I don’t want to cause any trouble for these guys, I better not tell them I am a Roman. I’ll take my beating and call it a day. No need to talk to the governor.”

Ya. Me neither.

Your faith without works is a dead faith, Church. If you aren’t acting out of faith right now, you need to repent.

Thanks very much to Scott Watson, who spotted this righteous call to action and sent it my way. I contacted Rev. Hurley and asked both his permission to reprint it here and whether I should include a link to his church’s website. Whereupon he unleashed further gems: “We actually moved 6 months ago to disband our church and move into many home churches in anticipation for this event. As such, I don’t have a corporate church name or website to reference any longer.”

I was so thrilled I nigh wept! Citing Isaiah 5, Rev. Hurley added, “The natural, unintended result of the small churches closing every day in America while the big ones get bigger is that the government has more and more control over the church. Most of them have succumbed to the 501(c)(3) pressures and have simply become corporations wielded by the government. …If the church is only about the informational model the government just reduced it to, then what is the point in going? After all, information is everywhere. We need community. …”

Finally, this genius gives Romans 13 a whole new twist: “We have forsaken God’s command to respect our governing authorities… When I say governing authorities, I am not talking about people. I am talking about Articles 1-7 of the Constitution and its 27 Amendments. We sit idly by while totalitarians, controlled by globalists, shred it before our eyes. And, we do it in the name of pursuing peace and security.”


A thousand deafening “AMENS!

7:47 pm on April 6, 2020

“We Are Not Setting Up a Police State. PERIOD.”

And, “This is not Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia,” said Maine Sheriff Scott Nichols announcing that his county will not be enforcing the mini-Mussolini governor of Maine’s unconstitutional “stay-at-home” order when it comes to individuals who are simply driving around or outside in public and not a part of a large group.  Unlike the Maine governor (and most others), Sheriff Nichols remembers that he took an oath to defend the Constitution, not destroy it.

Here is the full text of Sheriff Nichols’ message to his community.

4:07 pm on April 6, 2020

New Social Distancing Guidlines

As demonstrated by Anthony Fauci, our new self-appointed Emperor/Arbiter of All Human Life:  Walk very closely to the person in front of you at the grocery store, pharmacy, wherever; pat him or her on the shoulder, and then put both hands on his or her shoulders.  If people turn around and threaten to smack you, just remind them that “we’re all in this together.”

3:09 pm on April 6, 2020

Is a Crisis Crisis Brewing in Florida?

In an earlier blog I cited my old friend and co-author, Professor James T.  Bennett, as once saying that to government bureaucrats, the absence of a crisis is a crisis.  This is a crisis crisis to the bureaucracy.  Bureaucrats and their budgets always prosper during a crisis -real or perceived.  Every single one of them works diligently, day in and day out, to create the perception of a crisis in whatever area that involves their useless employment in order to boost their chances for ever bigger budget allotments.

I bring this up because I’ve been monitoring online the Florida death count from the coronavirus, and, unless the internet sites that I’m looking at are faulty, the number seems to have been stuck in the low 200s for the past two days.  Not that I take at face value any of these statistics, since the majority of such deaths are of elderly people with pre-existing serious illnesses.  This of course can all change tomorrow after the bureaucracy discovers this and “updates” the numbers.

2:43 pm on April 6, 2020

Ron Paul was Right

When Ron Paul was running for the Republican nomination one of the remarks he made was (paraphrasing) that his bigger worry about a border wall was that it would be used to keep Americans in, as opposed to keeping foreigners out.  He of course was widely ridiculed for this by the LMS (Lying Media Scum).

Then today we hear that the U.S. State Department has stopped issuing new passports.  It’s not necessary to build a physical wall to keep Americans in after all if the state can simply quit honoring and issuing passports.

2:33 pm on April 6, 2020

Behind The Scenes At The $2 Trillion ‘Coronavirus’ Bailout – with Rep. Thomas Massie

12:54 pm on April 6, 2020

12:53 pm on April 6, 2020

Mark of the Beast?

Bill Gates, who has donated hundreds of millions in his crusade for government-mandated vaccines of all kinds for everyone on the planet, has also funded MIT research on a “digital tattoo” that would be implanted on everyone who has had the (forthcoming) coronavirus vaccine.  The tattoo will probably look something like this.  (A friend writes, by the way, that 666 — the mark of the beast in Revelation 13 — is this in Hebrew: WWW).

10:46 am on April 6, 2020

Back in the USSAR

Seeing those “spontaneous” gatherings of people singing “God Bless America” and cheering EMT workers on television reminded me of a story my old friend Yuri Maltsev once told me.  Yuri spent the first part of his life in the Soviet Union (he was an economic advisor to Mikhail Gorbachev before he defected).  The story is about a neighbor woman who almost every day would open her apartment window and shout praise to the Communist Party.   “Why do you do that?” Yuri asked her.  The answer was something along the lines of “So they don’t suspect I am not loyal and obedient.”

Reminds me of the recent “spontaneous” singing and cheering here in the new Union of Soviet Socialist American Republics (USSAR).

7:50 am on April 6, 2020

The Usual Culprits

I have tired of reading in the corporate press about coronavirus’ shutting down the world. It may be a nasty bug, but it has done no such thing. Only politicians and bureaucrats with their lust to control us could inflict so monumental a catastrophe.

9:02 pm on April 5, 2020

Are You Under Quarantine or House Arrest?

quar-an-tine. noun.  

A state, period, or place of isolation in which people or animals that have arrived from elsewhere or been exposed to infectious or contagious disease are placed.

house ar-rest.  noun.

Th state of being kept as a prisoner in one’s own house, rather than in a prison.

–From the Oxford Dictionary


5:59 pm on April 5, 2020

Should Medical Researchers Investigate the Possible Negative Side Effects of New Vaccines?

No.  “That’s a dead end.”  “Don’t go there,” Bill Gates told President Trump when the president informed him of plans for a commission to research possible vaccine side effects.

5:24 pm on April 5, 2020

How Prince Charles Was Cured of Coronavirus in a Few Days

Indian Homeopathy.

5:15 pm on April 5, 2020

America’s Real Problem

A public that believes that government can cure everything.  Montana State Representative John Fuller explains.  ( A friend says that Mr. Fuller has received an avalanche of hate mail from all the usual suspects, a real badge of honor for him).

4:56 pm on April 5, 2020

Fauci Fiddles While Rome Turns

To widespread use of hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19.  If this works for Italy and Fauci still insists on opposing it while we wait another year for his beloved new vaccine, then he will literally be responsible for many American deaths.

1:10 pm on April 5, 2020

The CDC’s Instructions on How to Falsify Death Certificates

In order to inflate “deaths from COVID-19.”

“In cases where a definite diagnosis of COVID-19 cannot be made, but it is suspected or likely . . . it is acceptable to report COVID-19 on a death certificate as ‘probable’ or ‘presumed’ cause of death.”  Not very scientific, Tony.

10:26 am on April 5, 2020

Keep Them Divided

Not unlike WWII Propaganda, the message is clear: keep them divided.

Within communities, obedience signaling is the new virtue. “Report” anything everything whatever you see “to the authorities.” Citizen tyrants are lapping this up. Keeping an eye on various Facebook community groups around my area, I note the overwhelming number of people shaming, disgracing, screeching at, and stigmatizing others who don’t approve and endorse government shutdowns and lock-ins. On that note, some memes are worth a look.

9:25 am on April 5, 2020

“You can’t use emotionalism to justify policies.”

“You can’t use emotionalism to justify policies.”

~ Peter Hitchens

Listen to the whole interview.


9:22 am on April 5, 2020

A Few Random Reflections on the Pandemic

In this unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic there are so many unforeseen consequences due to the randomness of multifaceted interlocking elements at play it boggles the mind.

Most people fear the unknown and we definitely are facing a largely inexplicable and unpredictable future simply because of how such a viral disease spreads and the societal response to it, both personal and governmental.

Public health authorities believe they can predict what primary target groups are most likely candidates for infection and vulnerability based on data-based epidemiological medical and public health estimates but ultimately it still comes down to a cosmic crap shoot. These hard facts do not lessen the tragic and devastating near unfathomable consequences to families whose loved ones are affected or succumb to this deadly contagion.

Pause and think of everything you have ever learned in your lifetime about economics, the vast interplay of the international division of labor and supply and demand, of the millions of goods and services produced globally and how that is being affected and disrupted. There is also an informational division of labor in communications and media and the descriptive narrative put forth concerning the pandemic is being radically transformed and manipulated by ever-changing events.

Think of everything you have ever learned about government at the local, state and federal level, about the Constitution, federalism and the separation of powers, and how it is substantially being altered after the brief course of a few weeks. Government leaders and their administrative staffs have fully endorsed and are implementing the progressive view of broad executive powers unrestrained by constitutional prohibitions and directives. They have adopted the authoritarian extra-constitutional position of Theodore Roosevelt that government, at the federal, state, and local level, can do anything not specifically prohibited or forbidden by their archaic and obsolete Constitutions that they took a solemn oath to preserve, protect, and defend.

As with the decades old hoary pretexts put forth for the national security leviathan state, the national emergency posed by this threat justifies any invasive action. They rationalize that “the Constitution is not a suicide pact,” as they go about destroying the rule of law and any remnants of civil society in the name of seeking to preserve it.

Since the New Deal the general government has created and instituted a vast regulatory superstructure of countervailing administrative entities to centrally plan, control and direct both the economy and regulate the most personal and intimate aspects of every person in the country. From tens of millions of multinational and domestic corporations, down to the local businesses, franchises, and small private firms, all are subject to this collectivist penumbra of “friendly fascism.”

So what to do in the interstices of the crisis and its resolution? There is not much an individual person can do on a broad societal basis but take and provide for the utmost safety and security of oneself and their families, calling on that innermost reservoir of strength, fortitude, courage, and integrity, both spiritual and intellectual, to face the consequences that the unknown future holds.


9:13 am on April 5, 2020

UN Propaganda Contest

From the “you can’t make this sh** up” files.

We’re all infants now. We can color and artsy our way outta this.

Are you creative? Do you want to help fight COVID-19 but don’t know where to start? The UN is calling on artists and designers to create public service announcements that both engage and inform at-risk citizens around the world.

… The UN’s six main categories are personal hygiene, social distancing, knowing the symptoms, kindness contagion (or, community-oriented behavior), myth busting, and encouraging donations.

8:45 am on April 5, 2020

Drug That Kills the Virus in vitro Reported

“Researchers in Australia report that Ivermectin, an FDA-approved drug commonly used to treat parasites, appears to be effective in treating the SARS-COV-2 coronavirus (COVID-19). The drug is widely available and can be ‘repurposed’ for this application, doctors said.” (see here.)

The result was found in lab experiments, not in the human body. That remains to be seen.

8:49 pm on April 4, 2020

Pennsylvania Resistance

No, not feeble-minded airheads who think Hillary Clinton is their real Lord and Savior who was denied her ascent into Heaven by Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump.  I refer to Pennsylvania attorney Gregg Zegarelli who has sued the governor of his state for unconstitutionally declaring legal services to be “non-essential.”

Where is the Institute for Justice in all of this?  They claim to have filed dozens (hundreds?) of lawsuits over government regulations that deprive individuals of economic liberty without due process, as supposedly required by the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments (taxi licensing regulation, hair braiding regulations, etc.)  All of these shut-down-and-shut-up dictates by our mini Mussolini mayors and governors are many, many orders of magnitude worse than any due process case the Institute for Justice — or any other group of attorneys — has ever even contemplated.  Entire industries have been essentially shut down, with millions thrown out of work, with no due process at all.   (Not surprisingly, all the ACLU is doing about this is suing a few states for not allowing abortion clinics to remain open.  That of course has long been their top priority).

7:07 pm on April 4, 2020

How My Local Grocery Store Transformed into East Germany

Our local Lake Jackson H-E-B is getting more insane by the day. It’s astonishing to see our once-friendly neighborhood grocery store transformed into an authoritarian hell-hole. And, like all authoritarian systems, it is at its core devoid of any logic or reason and in fact it operates at blatantly cross-purposes to its stated goal.

Case in point. It was a relatively rare cold and rainy day in Lake Jackson today. I needed just a couple of items for dinner tonight so I went down to HEB as I often do. Instead of allowing us to enter through the one remaining set of open doors into the store (they closed the other entrance), in their infinite wisdom they decided that to help prevent us from getting a cold (Covid-19) they would make us walk IN THE COLD RAIN all the way down to the other end of the (closed) store and then double back through the (outdoor) garden section before we were forced to stand in a line (with stickers on the floor reminding us where we are allowed to stand) and wait – IN THE COLD RAIN – until they decided to allow us to get our carts and go into the store.

So to avoid a cold, they forced us to endure the kinds of conditions (cold and rainy weather) that are almost guaranteed to give us a cold! (more…)

6:12 pm on April 4, 2020

End the Lockdowns – Now

Lockdowns cover just about all of America (see here). The time to end them is now. Another easily communicated date is Sunday, April 12, which is Easter. The Resurrection of Jesus is a fit date to resurrect normal American life.

We know how to prevent getting this contagious disease. We know enough to avoid intimate contact with people who spread it by coughing and touching. We know enough to wash out hands thoroughly and not be touching our faces. We know who of us is most at risk due to age or prior medical conditions. We know the symptoms. We know enough to take precautions such as face masks. If all of us do not yet know these matters, it’s past time for an ad campaign that spells out these kinds of things.

We must get on with life, and that includes the manifold activities of our social and business lives. To do otherwise is to invite all sorts of downsides and negative consequences, many that currently are not that visible to us but lie in wait nonetheless.

We certainly will find it impossible to wait for some arbitrary date in the future when some bureaucrat tells us there are no new cases or the risk is low or a vaccine has been made or whatever some lawmaker thinks is an appropriate time to let everyone out of their cages.

Voluntary means and methods can and will suffice to blunt the edge of the spread of this particular virus-borne illness. We need the lockdown craze to come to a halt right away. The longer these restrictions stay in place, the greater are their costs.

Stay at home orders cannot be enforced indefinitely. They will appear to be obeyed for awhile, because people will cooperate up to a point. But there comes a point where what seems to be not essential in some minds is regarded as essential in the minds of others. Nothing but trouble and conflict is going to result from these kinds of disagreements and frictions.

This is a time for optimism, not pessimism. This is a time for advancing and not be cowering in our caves or hunkering down. This virus is a bad thing. It is costing human lives and years, and these human losses are highly regrettable. But we still need to go on. We still need to keep our perspective. There are many diseases out there and many causes of death, and this virus is not the worst of them or the worst of what we human beings can do to each other and have done.

There has been an enormous and undue over-reaction from governments in the form of blanket lockdowns, when what was needed, among other things, was an educational campaign of how each one of us could and should handle the risk of infection.

There are reasons in the nature of the case why panic was generated. There was great uncertainty about this virus and its origin. It emerged suddenly and unexpectedly. There was no known cure. It struck some well-known people, which seemed to advertise its power. It could bring death within days. Its mortality rate was over-estimated. Data were lacking. It had hot spots that frightened people. There had been for years warnings and movies with pandemics as their theme. The thought of a mystery ailment spreading out of the mysterious, hidden and foreign East itself was a source of fright.

On top of these factors came the reactions of our officials, which could form a case study all their own. And alongside of it all came a major stock market panic.

Sociologists and psychologists will have a field day examining this case in the future.

But it’s time for the headlines to cool off. It’s time to stop the lockdowns now.

3:58 pm on April 4, 2020

COVID-19 In Erie County, New York

Erie County, New York has a population of 919,000 people. Buffalo is its major city. The following data are provided as is and with no interpretation. There are numerous issues, questions, challenges and problems that can be raised about these data.

As of this time, the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases is 802. (Source of data is here.)

The spread of confirmed cases has gone as follows:

3/19 26
3/20 47
3/21 56
3/22 64
3/23 96
3/24 121
3/25 146
3/26 221
3/27 310
3/28 380
3/29 414
3/30 443
3/31 553
4/1 582
4/2 734
4/3 802

As of this time, the number of recovered is 141. The number of deaths is 22. The number of active cases is (802 – 141 – 22) = 639.

The number of confirmed cases in the U.S. is 239,279 as of 4/2. That is 0.074 percent of a population of 325 million. In Erie County at that date, the comparable number is 100 x (734/919,000) = 0.08 percent. In both the U.S. and Erie County, the current numbers of confirmed COVID-19 cases are less than one-tenth of one percent of their respective populations. This is less than 1 person in a thousand.

8:56 am on April 4, 2020

Franklin Delano Trump?

First he signs the Mother of All Keynesian/New Deal pork barrel spending bills, ignoring that this has never worked, not even for FDR.  Then yesterday another asinine FDR/New Deal idea was trotted out by the president:  the crazy notion that government-enforced higher consumer prices is good for the economy (the signature policy of the first two years of the New Deal).  He did this by bragging that he had “negotiated” with Russia and the Saudis to reduce their oil exports to the U.S. so as to (hopefully) cause gasoline prices to increase here.  The assembled oil company executives in the room seemed pleased with the news.

8:11 am on April 4, 2020

Three-Fourths of NYC Deaths Allegedly “from Coronavirus” are People with Pre-Existing Underlying Health Problems

Like heart disease, cancer, tuberculosis, diabetes, or all of the above.  Yet, someone has apparently ordered that ALL of these deaths be declared to have one and only one cause, “COVID-19.”  The media are also fomenting mass hysteria by reporting that someone dies in NYC every 9.5 minutes, ignoring the fact that this is quite normal.  The city government itself reports that in 2018 the number was every 9.1 minutes.  No mention at all, however, that NYC claims to have almost 600,000 illegal immigrants, thousands of which are known to have latent (or not so latent) tuberculosis.

8:01 am on April 4, 2020

Peter Hitchens is Very Good on the Shutdown

Hitchens is really at his best here, in an interview with Brendan O’Neill from Spiked. 

He points out how all of our institutions simply shut down in the face of Coronavirus, rather than springing into action. Parliament is effectively suspended. Police act at the direction of Boris Johnson directly, instead of executing laws passed by the House of Commons. Academia went home. Civil society is shut down. A riverside pub near Hitchens’s home has its outdoor patio taped off by authorities. Citizens accept all this without complaint; in fact they cheer it.

Bobbies once did not not carry guns, an Englishman’s home was his castle, and Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park epitomized robust respect for speech. No more.

The Abolition of Britian indeed.

4:21 pm on April 3, 2020

Speakeasies Make a Comeback

Prohibitions of ordinary exchanges (shopping, business, services) are causing people to set up speakeasies, and not only for the supply of vices. Speakeasy gyms are sprouting.

“The coronavirus has gyms shuttering all across the country — but several trainers are pivoting to a Prohibition-style method of business … which might be in everyone’s best interest.”

1:45 pm on April 3, 2020