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Political Theatre

Continued Israeli airstrikes on Syria are testing Moscow’s patience. Jerusalem would do well not to poke the Russian bear

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RT News. Thanks, Yvonne Lorenzo.


3:53 pm on March 4, 2021

Sheriff Hathaway on Covuto Live


LRC writer Sheriff David Hathaway is scheduled to be on the “Covuto Live” show on Fox News at 10:45 sAM EST this Saturday, March 6.


3:11 pm on March 4, 2021

German Intelligence Agency Places Populist Right-Wing Party AfD under State Surveillance

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National File. Thanks, Christine Ross.


3:04 pm on March 4, 2021

British TV newsman loses it during story on ‘diversity’

Thanks, Bryan Ripp. NB: some bad language. 

3:04 pm on March 4, 2021

Poison Ivey caves, again!

Thanks, Paula Deist. 

 She “vows” this time, only until April 9th


2:07 pm on March 4, 2021

Unfortunately, crime does pay – at least in this life

Thanks, Christine Ross.


Most of the money in the bill is going to more corruption, not the needy.


2:00 pm on March 4, 2021

The Evil of Bill Gates

11:53 am on March 4, 2021

Arizona’s Doug Ducey Signs Executive Order Reopening Schools In-Person by March 15th

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Big League Politics


11:50 am on March 4, 2021

Joe Biden Wanted To Lock Up My Father, CIA Whistleblower Philip Agee—Just Like He Wants To Lock Up Edward Snowden And Julian Assange

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Covert Action Magazine


11:05 am on March 4, 2021

Circle back to us

Writes Carl Bailey:


Talk about science, I would like just one of the intrepid White House reporters to ask Jen Psaki to give us the name of the definitive study that proves face masks are effective against the spread of the virus. Then we will see if the emperor has any clothes.


10:58 am on March 4, 2021

Alabama Senate votes to make hormone therapy and surgery for trans youth a felony

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CBS News


10:50 am on March 4, 2021

Thousands Of Quakes Rock Iceland As Volcanic Eruption Could Be Brewing

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Zero Hedge


10:49 am on March 4, 2021

Healthy 28-year-old mom dies suddenly following second Pfizer shot

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Lifesite News


10:43 am on March 4, 2021

Dr. Seuss Is 9 Of the Top 10 Amazon Best-Selling Books

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Zero Hedge


10:42 am on March 4, 2021

Alabama To Ditch Mask Mandate Too

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10:32 am on March 4, 2021

Alabama To Ditch Mask Mandate Too

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10:31 am on March 4, 2021

Bill Gates Terrorizing Children?

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Armstrong Economics


10:30 am on March 4, 2021

Pfizer Has Used Covid To Terrorize the World?

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Armstrong Economics


10:29 am on March 4, 2021

DeceptiCon Dealing, DOJ Declined to Take Up Chao Ethics Probe After Meetings With McConnell, Which Led to Chao Departing To Assist Insurgency Narrative

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The Last Refuge


10:28 am on March 4, 2021

Portland riots: Feds quietly dismiss dozens of cases

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10:27 am on March 4, 2021

White House cuts virtual event feed after Biden says he’s ‘happy to take questions’ from House Dems

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FOX News


10:25 am on March 4, 2021

Eastern Europe a New Political Bloc

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Armstrong Economics


10:23 am on March 4, 2021

Majority of Brits Say They Will ‘Miss’ Some or Many Aspects of Lockdown

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More proof a lockdown drives people crazy, says Christine Ross.


2:28 am on March 4, 2021

Pfizer demands Argentina post its bank reserves, military bases and embassy properties as ‘collateral’ to guarantee Pfizer’s indemnification for the poison jab

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Barnhardt. Thanks, Bill Sardi.


2:27 am on March 4, 2021

FBI Official Nukes Key Capitol Riot Narrative, ‘To My Knowledge’ Zero Firearms Confiscated

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Western Journal


2:25 am on March 4, 2021

Covid-19 US: A THIRD of all military personnel refuse to receive vaccine

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Daily Mail


4:28 pm on March 3, 2021

NYC Bodies

Writes Steve Crouse:

I just spoke with a local undertaker who belongs to an association that volunteers to go to places that are in dire need of their services.

He served in NYC after 9/11 helping ID the bodies and parts thereof, and he also helped last year in NYC to take care of all the bodies of the supposed Covid deaths that were piling up in the reefer trailers.

There was no embalming done, so he was relegated to helping disinfect the bodies before they were stacked in the trailers

He told me that the death count was normal for that time of year, and the reason the bodies were piling up was because the cemetaries were CLOSED due to covid, and the crematoriums were only running half the time due to the WuHuFlu, where they normally would be working round the clock.

Bill DeBlaisio lied to us.
Who’d a thunk it?
The pics they used to show all the funerals was from three years prior to the Covid days.


3:01 pm on March 3, 2021

Deranged Dem Demands Prosecution of 40,000 Trump Supporters Who Were OUTSIDE Capitol

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Big League Politics


2:58 pm on March 3, 2021

Scorched Earth: Trump Must Call Out ALL the Snakes in the Republican Party

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Revolver News


2:55 pm on March 3, 2021

Dr. Seuss Now Banned & Biden Removes the Books From Recommendation To Read

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Armstrong Economics


2:52 pm on March 3, 2021