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Political Theatre

Fauci and Birx Both Have Big-Money Bill Gates Conflicts of Interest

National Life. Thanks, Paula Deist.

4:18 pm on April 6, 2020

Re: Bill Gates Is the Greatest Threat to Your Future

Writes Lee Olson:


Regarding BillGates Is the Greatest Threat to Your Future, recall Becky Akers article, AnOpen Letter Regarding Closed Churches. Channeling CS Lewis, with apologies to him, she introduced us to the characters Our Father below (OFb) and Enemy Incarnate.

A couple days ago I came across this article Invisible Ink Could Reveal whether Kids Have Been Vaccinated. If implemented it will lead to annihilation of our Creator endowed sovereignty which is our birthright from our Creator that OFb has forever and always been endeavoring to strip us of. The article states “The work was funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and came about because of a direct request from Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates himself.”

While reading the article I was so astounded by the enormity of this anti-human devilish plan that my mind immediately channeled Becky. The thought occurred to me that Bill Gates would make a good candidate for Devil Incarnate. Martin Armstrong is spot on.


4:03 pm on April 6, 2020

Bill Gates Is the Greatest Threat to Your Future

The Heroic Tom Massie

On the Ron Paul show on the crooked $2 trillion bailout.

2:39 pm on April 6, 2020

Re: Paddle boarder

Writes Graham Dugas:

Quick, release that illegal alien child molester to free up a cell for him.


Graham C. Dugas

2:24 pm on April 6, 2020

Why Francis Dropped the Title of Vicar of Christ

Serbian Bishop Naum arrested by NATO puppet regime

The Saker. Thanks, Yvonne Lorenzo.

1:46 pm on April 6, 2020

Italy’s Matteo Salvini Calls for Open Churches on Easter


11:03 am on April 6, 2020

Trump admin determined to exit treaty reducing risk of war

The Guardian.

10:53 am on April 6, 2020

Covid-19 exposes cracks in Trans-Atlantic solidarity

As US snatches up France-bound masks — RT Op-ed

10:16 am on April 6, 2020

3M hits back at Trump

Says ceasing exports of N95 masks will have ‘opposite’ effect, humanitarian consequences – MarketWatch Thanks, Yvonne Lorenzo.

10:15 am on April 6, 2020


Writes Hoseyn Vosoug:

Kudos to U, Sir,  & Thank you.

10:13 am on April 6, 2020

Shock and awe

Writes a friend in Apopka, FL:

Dear Lew,

This reminds me of so much of what I’ve been reading at LRC lately.

Support the troops in the war on covid-19! Shock and awe. Americans love a parade.

Notice the armored assault vehicle, among other things.

10:12 am on April 6, 2020

Paddle boarder arrested

For being on the ocean alone during the virus.  Thanks, Vicki Marzullo.

10:10 am on April 6, 2020

Feds Seize and Redistribute Medical Supplies From Preppers in Unprecedented Power Grab

Brazil certainly did not keep its economy open

Writes Carlos Ramalhete:

Dear Mr. Rockwell:

I have been reading your page first thing in the morning for quite a long time, but it is the first time I write to you.

As I wrote in a comment on Linh Dinh’s text on how people were living under Covid-19 in different countries:


I am a retired police officer in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

As I live on a small farm in the countryside, there was not that much change in my life. Even more so because it’s Lent, so I’m not eating meat – which I’d have to buy in town, unlike eggs, which my chickens produce here, and vegetables, which we also grow. The only thing I miss is going to Mass and having my cup of joe in the bakery in the next town.

They literally closed the town down. Only drugstores and supermarkets are open. Besides, there are guards stopping everybody who tries to cross in, in the most important entrances, and the smaller ones have been physically closed with huge piles of stone by the crazy mayor. If you try to enter the town for, let’s say, going to the doctor, the guards will first call the doctor and ask him if he is expecting you. If your car plates are from another town, you cannot go in unless you prove you live there. And so on. If they had a drawbridge it would be closed.

The small farmers around are having quite a bad time, because the crazy mayor also closed down the vegetable open market where they would sell their wares every Saturday. They are resorting to selling from their trucks on small side roads.

In other parts of my huge country, things are different. The (also certifiable) São Paulo State Governor, for instance, is talking about sending the cops to order inside anybody over sixty. On the other hand, the President – who’s also mad as a hatter; who else would enter Brazilian politics, after all?! – has the opposite discourse, saying things need to go back to “normalcy” ASAP.

Your reader.

3:38 pm on April 5, 2020

Looting Wave Strikes New York City Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

Zero Hedge

2:44 pm on April 5, 2020

Palm Sunday Revisited

Did Bill Gates Just Reveal the Real Reason Behind the Lock-Downs?

Zero Hedge

12:15 pm on April 5, 2020

‘Modern Piracy’

Germany Joins France & Canada in Accusing Trump of Stealing Masks | Zero Hedge

12:14 pm on April 5, 2020

Coronavirus Poll

9 in 10 Children Report ‘Happiness’ Staying Home.

11:04 am on April 5, 2020

Hydroxychloroquine ‘most effective’ coronavirus treatment

Poll of docs.

11:03 am on April 5, 2020

The Totalitarian Health State

Invisible Ink Could Reveal whether Kids Have Been Vaccinated – Scientific American – Thanks, Paula Deist.

11:02 am on April 5, 2020

From CDC Website

Hospitals To List COVID-19 as Cause of Death Even If It’s Merely  ‘Assumed To Have Caused or Contributed to Death” – Lab Tests Not Required

11:01 am on April 5, 2020

Wardens need snitches

Writes a friend:

Hi Lew,

It must be hard to run a prison camp without snitches. The Warden of Camp Los Angeles has now decreed that “snitches get rewards.”

The Ordinary Totalitarian Virus (TOVID-20) is more contagious than that other royal one. It can spread without physical contact since it is passed simply by believing in bad ideas. Lew, please keep working on the cure!

11:01 am on April 5, 2020

‘Don’t Disrupt The Supply Chain’

The 9 States Still Resisting Stay-At-Home Orders | Zero Hedge

2:59 am on April 5, 2020

Hollywood knows, but we are always the last to know

Thanks, Bill Sardi.

5:52 pm on April 4, 2020

Corona Thoughts From the Golden State

Writes C.Jay Engel:


I decided to walk a public park up here in the greater Sacramento area with a friend yesterday. Of course, halfway through a motorcycle cop rode up and told us we needed to leave because “[my city] parks are closed.” We politely informed him that if us being out there made him uncomfortable, we would leave. He gruffed but we complied.

Which of course brings up the point that one of the most zealously emphasized reasons everyone (especially the internet) is saying that this differs from the flu is that “there is no vaccine!” With this, I was reminded that the majority of people actually go get flu shots every year and it’s no wonder they are panicked. Though I have never gotten one, and never go to the hospital if I get sick (my Grandparents passed on this ancient theory that the body will fight the sickness), vaccinations to them are medical salvation. Here I was, looking to build up immunity with sun and exercise, but the grand narrative in all this is I need to wait inside until they’ve come up with an injectable solution. It’s madness.

The entire affair has been helped along by extremely well-produced graphics, GIFs, aesthetically stimulating tracking tools, live-charts, and social media hashtags (#socialdistancing, a marketing tool that would have impressed Huxley, is being printed on state and private announcements and posted everywhere). Under the guise of “keeping us aware,” it is actually unifying the global narrative and drowning out rational thought. How can an investigative essay compete with masterful visuals in an age of the maleducated and overstimulated?

It’s quite obvious that the hysteria around us would have been similar if they had done the same marketing and live tracking and statistical tools on influenza viruses. We are now obsessed with tracking all these little details about the virus, how many have been exposed, who has it, how many have died, and the prospects of the death of millions. The Entertainment Class has trained us well.

Reminds me of Richard Weaver’s warning (in Ideas Have Consequences):

“In the popular arena one can tell from certain newspaper columns and radio programs that the average man has become imbued with this notion and imagines that an industrious acquisition of particulars will render him a man of knowledge. With what pathetic trust does he recite his facts! He has been told that knowledge is power, and knowledge consists of a great many small things.”

I read LRC every day right now as I otherwise try to stay offline. Thanks Lew!

1:20 pm on April 4, 2020

Fauci: ‘No doubt’ Trump will face surprise infectious disease outbreak

Healio. Thanks, Bill Sardi.

1:09 pm on April 4, 2020

An April, 2020, American tragedy

Writes Mark Higdon:

The first personal tragedy of the government’s ginned-up HuFlu “crisis” has arrived at my doorstep.

A close friend (known well to me) of my daughter just lost her husband to a massive heart attack. He was only 42.

His widow is a stay-at-home mom with a six-year-old special-needs child. Her late husband’s job was decreed “non-essential”. He had been laid off indefinitely.

His survivors are now at risk of losing their home. They have lost their income entirely. Any life insurance is inconsequential. They lived at the margins as best as they could, devotedly focused on their son, who arrived into this world two months early.

Word is that this poor guy was intensely stressed by the loss of his job: due to arbitrary, unconstitutional government decrees.

How many more like him are out there? Or will be?


–Prisoner of the State of Ohio, deserted by the Catholic bishops and pastors

12:55 pm on April 4, 2020