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Political Theatre

Trump at March for Life

1:58 am on January 25, 2020

Times Square Billboard

Runs Joe Biden Clip Threatening Ukraine (VIDEO)

4:44 pm on January 24, 2020

Australia – The Most Aggressive Taxers in the World?

Armstrong Economics

2:35 pm on January 24, 2020

FBI Must “Sequester All” Information Related to Fraudulent Carter Page FISA Warrant Indicating Related Indictments May Be Voided

Gateway Pundit.

1:19 pm on January 24, 2020

Impeachment Is Driving 1,000 Republicans To Run For House Seats This Year

Gateway Pundit.

1:14 pm on January 24, 2020

97% of Scientists Do Not Agree with Climate Change or the Solution

The Christian Origins of Austrian Economics

Roger McKinney

11:20 am on January 24, 2020


A spill at a California vineyard has sent 97,000 gallons of wine flowing into sewers and a local river. Thanks, David Krall.

11:19 am on January 24, 2020

World’s Richest Are Stashing ‘Large Sums’ Of Cash In Vaults

As Swiss Bankers Rage Against Negative Rates | Zero Hedge

11:18 am on January 24, 2020

A “Pro-Life Hero”? Trump Becomes First President To Speak At March For Life

Zero Hedge

11:18 am on January 24, 2020

‘Million-Man March’ kicks off in Baghdad to demand US troop pullout

(VIDEO, PHOTOS) — RT World News

11:17 am on January 24, 2020

 Is there really a book my readers are afraid of?

Writes Tom Woods:

I’ve been around these parts too long not to know the truth.

You want to be master of the universe when it comes to economics, but Ludwig von Mises’s Human Action — which you know you should read — is much too intimidating.

Fair enough.

So what should you read by Mises?

Beats me. I always thought his introductory texts were too introductory. So where’s that perfect middle?

Answer: The Mises Reader, edited by my friend Shawn Ritenour, and published by the Mises Institute.

And you can read it for free.

Here’s Mises in his own words, covering topics arranged just right, and at just the level the intelligent layman needs.

Click to start reading it for free — really:


3:45 pm on January 23, 2020

Re: Revisiting the “Armenian Question”

Lew, overall it is quite good.  But at the end – while the author is quite right that the US will not help the Christians, he does not point to the fact that it is the US that is harming the Christians – other than to point to the US withdrawal, which is a distraction from the larger calamity brought on by the US.

I may have mentioned to you: I was in Armenia in 2012 when this US mess in Syria was just starting.  There were many Armenians from Syria in Armenia starting to take refuge, wondering if they could ever go home again (there are countless more today).  They would ask: why is the US government doing this to our country?

Why does a rat dig in the trash?  Same question, same answer: it is its nature.


3:44 pm on January 23, 2020

When You Thought You Hit a Dog

Trump To Be First Prez To Speak at the March for Life

The Daily Caller.

3:43 pm on January 23, 2020

Virginia Dems Push Legislation

To Make Criticism of Gov’t Officials a Criminal Offense Big League Politics.

3:42 pm on January 23, 2020

Miami PD suspends white officer who begins identifying as ‘black’ – but he can be a girl

CNN Poll Shows Sanders Surging Into First as Biden Continues to Drop

But Network Emphasizes Statistical Tie in Headline | Common Dreams News

1:17 pm on January 23, 2020

Guardian: The Dangerous Rise Of Men Who Won’t Date Woke Women

By Steve Sailer – The Unz Review

11:11 am on January 23, 2020

Gay Drag Queen Admits That Story Hour Events Expose Kids to Lifestyle of ‘Nudity, Sex, and Drugs’

Flynn court activity

Writes Robert Willmann Jr.:

22 January 2020

Re:  Gen. Michael Flynn court case

There has been recent interesting activity in the prosecution of retired Gen. Michael Flynn, as he filed a request last week to withdraw his plea of guilty.  More documents
are expected to be filed.

See here and here.

3:30 pm on January 22, 2020

Canadian taxpayers should NOT pay anything

Towards Harry and Meghan’s security costs, MP says  | Daily Mail Online

2:51 pm on January 22, 2020

Glenn Greenwald on Brazil’s Charges Against Him

The New Yorker

2:13 pm on January 22, 2020

The Lamb of God

CNN News.

2:11 pm on January 22, 2020

Italy’s Luigi Di Maio Resigns As Five Star Leader

Zero Hedge

10:58 am on January 22, 2020

Fact-Checking Joe Biden’s “Debunked Conspiracy Theory”

Memo Telling Liberal Media What To Say About Ukraine | Zero Hedge

10:48 am on January 22, 2020

YouTube Takes Down Judicial Watch and Right Side Broadcasting’s Impeachment Feed

To Drive Viewers to Liberal Media Feeds!

10:46 am on January 22, 2020

Tulsi Announces Defamation Lawsuit Against Hillary

The Daily Caller

10:44 am on January 22, 2020

Hillary just declared war on Bernie

Writes Tom Woods:

Well, this just got juicy.

In a four-part documentary to be released soon on Hulu simply called “Hillary,” the former First Lady says of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders:

“He was in Congress for years. He had one senator support him. Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done. He was a career politician. It’s all just baloney and I feel so bad that people got sucked into it.”

When The Hollywood Reporter asked Clinton if that description still stands, she replied: “Yes, it does.”


If you were thinking Clinton might, in return for his 2016 endorsement, at least refrain from bad-mouthing Sanders, you were incorrect.

That pathetic endorsement, I might add, served to show what all of us knew, that Bernie wasn’t one one-hundredth the man Ron Paul was.

And what did it get him? Open contempt.

In fairness, however, I will join Bob Murphy in noting that one thing Sanders has going for him is that he deftly avoids being drawn into personality squabbles.

When asked to respond to the “nobody likes him” comment, Sanders came back with: “On a good day my wife likes me, so let’s clear the air on that one.” And then he proceeded to discuss impeachment.

10:42 am on January 22, 2020

Who will vote to remove Trump? A prediction

Writes Chaz Donovan:

We know all the obvious ones. Tucker is  asking Bill Hemmer about it. Hemmer says Collins, Murkowski and Willard are the three determinants. I have been saying for a while Willard will absolutely vote to remove Trump. Zero doubt. Collins and Murkowski I think will vote AGAINST removing Trump. Both of them will definitely drag it out to be dramatic and act like it’s an agonizing decision (just as Collins did with Kavanaugh). Willard is a guarantee vote to remove. He dreams of a post Trump Republican Party where he could possibly run for President again. A vote to remove Trump will score Willard even more points with the Bill Kristols of the World and Conservative, Inc. Keep an eye out for Joe Manchin, Democrat from WV. It’s West Virginia, and about a year ago there were heavy rumors he’d switch to the Republican Party. I think Manchin will vote AGAINST removal.

10:40 am on January 22, 2020